Learning the language of pharma engineering

Muema Matheka shares his experiences from his two-month internship at NNE’s Durham office, where he was part of the marketing and sales department.

Why did you take your internship at NNE?

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Alabama home for the summer. While looking for a summer job, my mother, a current project manager at NNE’s Durham office, informed me of the pilot internship program in her branch of the company. I applied and started in June, primarily working with the marketing and sales departments as my current major in University is Sports Broadcasting and Marketing.

What did you enjoy most during your time at NNE?

Well, I can’t lie - that even though we didn’t work directly together, working near my mother was cool. But seeing how I’ve had very little experience within engineering, every aspect of the office became interesting to me. From booking conference rooms to writing end-of-week emails, informing employees what kind of proposals we’re working on. My favorite moment was when I helped write an internal article for our monthly NNE newsletter on the work NNE is doing with at a customer site where we were implementing OSIsoft.

The most enjoyable parts of my job were when I was collaborating on a project and learning things from other employees with my fellow interns. We were all coming into this pharma engineering world quite fresh, so learning all together brought us closer especially learning the technical aspects about the business. Who we work with, what we work towards, some of the in-depth engineering terms that seemed at times like a foreign language.  To be an intern at NNE, you would benefit from having a strong background or interest in engineering – not necessarily pharma, although that would help. NNE is an engineering-based company so a general study and or understanding should be desired.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well, I will have finished my undergraduate degree and hopefully am wrapping up a graduate degree. In what you may ask? I’m not sure, as stated earlier I am a journalism major with a focus on sports broadcasting. I’ve always had a passion for coach soccer and currently have the opportunity to be an undergraduate assistant coach for my universities women’s soccer team. But time will tell of course.

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We're hiring!

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