Learning accounting outside of the books

Caleb Stephenson interned at NNE in Durham as part of a pilot intern program in the summer of 2018 in the Finance and IT Department team. Read what he has to say about his experiences.

Why did you take your internship at NNE?

After hearing about the opportunity to work with my father at NNE, I decided it would be a great addition to my experience as I come up on my final few semesters at Appalachian State University. I’ve heard plenty about NNE around the dinner table but being there and working with the employees there helped to open my eyes about what he goes through each day. I’m studying accounting at Appalachian State University and hope one day to either work with an accounting firm or with a smaller corporation in one of the various accounting based positions.


What did you learn from your time at NNE?

During my internship, I’ve worked with the members of both the accounting and finance teams to learn more about how accounting is run at an office. Learning about the specialized project controlling was unique as well since only specialized fields have large-scale engineering projects like NNE.

My own project while working was to revamp the US travel policy and update it with policies also from the Danish one and to coordinate discussions on a balance between HR and accounting on things both parties wanted. It was a large project and consumed most of my time outside of small projects that needed to be done for my father in the server room. We organized the room and identified which servers were still useable for NNE including their warranty ending date.


How can you use your experiences at NNE going forward?

I’m very thankful to have the experience I’ve had with NNE and appreciate everyone’s advice for my future as I continue to purse my degree and learn more about accounting outside of the books. Working on the Lego Build-Off challenge alongside my fellow interns was also fun and I hope that future interns will get an even better experience than my own while working for NNE.

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We're hiring!

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