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At NNE, we take competency development seriously – and we never let borders hinder professional growth. Read how two automation engineers travelled from the West Coast of the US to Denmark to get the training they need to add value for our pharma customers.

After their third consecutive day of theory and practical training in the automation system known as DeltaV, Automation Engineer Jose Cuevas and Lead Automation Engineer Tiago da Silva Couto are surprisingly energetic and in great spirits.

“We came to Denmark for training in the NNE method of using DeltaV,” Tiago da Silva Couto explains. “So many of our customers use it and have a need for engineers with expertise in it. With the training in Denmark, we will gain a knowledge of DeltaV that is uniquely focused on pharma engineering and our way of implementation.”

In an additional effort to gain this knowledge, engineers in the US have used informal mentor training to get the experience they need.

“We have DeltaV engineers at NNE in the US and therefore, have learned the system through mentoring, or a ‘buddy system,’” Jose Cuevas explains. “But if we want to be best in class in the field of pharma engineering, then we need to share and our global knowledge – which in this case, took the form of classroom training – to develop this competency.”

The engineers travelled halfway across the globe for a full week of formal education in the system. The training began with theory but quickly dove into practice. Tiago elaborates:

“We are designing a brand new facility, using DeltaV along the way. We are creating this virtual facility using the ANSI/ISA-88 batch control standard, so the experience is directly applicable to our project work. We are using the DeltaV batch engine in which you can actually create models and coordinate all batch processing steps with a high level of flexibility.”

Each trainee individually makes his or her own virtual facilities with supervision and support from experts.

“It is a great way to cement the training in our minds,” Tiago says. “And it’s interesting to witness how DeltaV is utilised and practiced in Denmark and how they pair it with the best practices found in NNE global engineering model.”

For Jose, this trip has twofold benefits. Naturally, he travelled for the training in DeltaV but he brought a secondary mission with him:

“I have some project-related challenges for which I need solutions. I can poll my colleagues here in Denmark to gain their insight and hear their experiences.”

After more than 40 hours of hands-on training, the automation engineers will travel back to the US to put their new skills into play – but not before sampling the Copenhagen nightlife with their international colleagues.


  • Jose Cuevas has worked for NNE in the US since November 2014
  • Tiago da Silva Couto has worked for NNE since 2013 with two years in Argentina and one in the US

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