Addison’s Danish adventure

As a kid, Addison Raine’s engineering journey started with his love of building with LEGO. For the next year, that journey continues in Denmark, home of the famous blocks, where the process engineer is putting his oral solid dosage skills to good use.

Before Addison Raine landed in Copenhagen back in early May, he had never been to Europe. That doesn’t mean, however, that the decision to spend a year working for NNE in Denmark was something that required months of consideration and lengthy pros and cons lists. In fact, he says, the decision was pretty quick:

“I think I landed in Denmark about a month after I learned that I had the opportunity to go here. I don’t have a wife and kids to take into consideration, so that made the decision easier.”

And two months into his stay, he is still very happy with that decision:

“It has been an easy transition, and the US organisation and global mobility group have helped me out a lot,” says Addison Raine, who lives in a flat in a nice area called Frederiksberg and by now has gotten used to most of the little differences between daily life in Copenhagen and North Carolina, such as shorter opening hours of grocery stores and the public transportation system. The latter of which he is now a frequent user:

“Sometimes, in the evening or on weekends, I’ll jump on the train and take it to a random stop and just explore from there,” he says and mentions the area around Amalienborg, the home of the Danish royal family, as his favorite part of the city so far.

Being global

Professionally, things are also going well, with an interesting oral solid dosage (OSD) pilot plant project taking up most of his time:

“It is a challenging project because of the schedule. We started doing the factory acceptance test two days after I got involved, and we are supposed to have a lot of the qualification work done by September for one part of the project.”

Though his colleagues are good at switching to English to include him in the conversation, Addison Raine hopes to pick up some Danish during the year, to make everything a little easier.

One of the goals with the trip is to get a better understanding of the Danish organisation and interact face-to-face with many of the subject matter experts of the company:

“I think this year will give me a leg up on being global and give me more leadership experience. I aim to take that back with me and continue to be an ambassador for NNE in the US.”
As far as the remainder of the year goes, he is curious about what the Scandinavian winter has in store for him:

“I came in May and everyone always keeps saying that I came at the right time, but since I’m here for a year, that means I’ll also be here during the wrong time,” he says with a laugh.


  • Addison Raine has been with NNE since 2011
  • He holds a B.Sc in chemichal engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla
  • Has worked on projects for companies such as Novo Nordisk, Novozymes and Genzyme



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