Full privacy policy

Purpose of the job database

The purpose of collecting personal data in the job database is to assess and contact candidates who are interested in and qualified for current or future vacancies with NNE.

You may record your CV as an application for a vacancy that is posted on our website. Your application is saved in the job database. Even if you are not considered for the position you have applied for, we will retain your data for a short period for a future job opportunity, unless you specifically request us to delete it.


The database data may be used for anonymous statistics. The information will be used collectively. It will not be possible to identify individual users of the database from the statistics.

Who processes your data?

NNE is the data controller and Visma A/S is the data processor. Visma uses the hosting provider:

Amazon Web Services (AWS),
located in Dublin, Ireland, and Frankfurt, Germany.

Editing, update or deletion of your data

You have access to your stored data in the database at any time. You may also at any time edit, update or delete your data. If you do not edit your data for a certain period depending on country, they will automatically be deleted from the database. The list below shows how long we keep your information in our database.

  • Belgium: 1 year
  • China: 1 year
  • Denmark: 6 months
  • France: 1 year
  • Germany: 1 year
  • India: 6 months
  • Switzerland: 1 year
  • USA: 2 years