Quickly feel at home at NNE

Starting a new job can be intimidating and overwhelming. Find out how NNE welcomes new employees and helps them feel at home through our onboarding program and cultural camp.

Join the passion

Join the passion is the name of our onboarding program - but it is so much more. At NNE, we are a tribe of passionate employees, dedicated to the pharma industry and to helping our customers solve their most complex challenges. By joining NNE you join a network of skilled employees with a passion for what they do.

The end goal for your onboarding is to:

  • become part of our unique culture
  • create a network within the organization
  • gain important information to get a good start without overwhelming you

All the activities are lead by your manager, an appointed buddy and many other colleagues across departments, who are all experts in their fields.

Cultural camp

We will end your onboarding journey with a cultural camp. Here we gather all new employees for 1.5 day of interactive team exercises.  The purpose of the cultural camp is for new employees to expand their network within NNE and to increase their knowledge about our NNE culture and teamwork.

Ready to join the passion? Go straight to our job openings to see if we have one that matches your profile - or learn more about working at NNE below. 

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