Statistical process control (SPC), MSA and capability 3

This module builds on the Statistical process control (SPC), MSA and capability 1 and 2 and focuses on expert level applied statistical tools you can utilise in your daily work. It covers prediction of the future from historical data and the original idea of process validation.

Target group

This course is relevant if you are working with production trending, qualification of measurement and production processes and batch release on advanced processes. You want to bring your company to the highest level within this area.

If you are participating in a Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt course, this module will be voluntary. The covered tools will become useful when working with data analysis on your DMAIC project.

Your benefits

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Create Measurement Uncertainty Budgets (MUB), which is used to ensure the quality of your measurements used in the production and validation
  • Use advanced sampling statistics methods to ensure the right sample size for batch release, qualification and validation
  • Calculate the necessary amount of batches needed in validation
  • Create control charts on Ppk with the RIGHT limits
  • Use multivariate control chart to monitor and control more than one process response at a time

This course incorporates theory with practical exercises and active participation with the intent of providing you with an advanced understanding of applied data analysis within measurement system analysis, control charts and process capability indices.


  • Effective degrees of freedom in variance component
  • Measurement Uncertainty Budget (MUB)
  • Sample size for linear regression
  • Sample size for prediction intervals
  • Sample size - Ppk
  • Multi variate Control Chart
  • Control Chart – Ppk
  • Mean time between failure
  • How many batches in validation

Advanced courses

This is an expert course and the third of three within the topic of process monitoring, capability, sampling and MSA. The following previous level modules within this topic are prequisites for participation in this module.

If you want to devote more focus on the development of performance and processes, you can get inspiration from methodical courses, such as Process and Risk Management or Analyse and Design Processes.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to continue your education as a Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt, and become more competent and able to optimise, lead and develop processes.


Venue: NNE's headquarters, Bredevej 2, 2830, Virum, Denmark

Price: DKK 8,000 + VAT (includes course materials, refreshments and lunch)

Language of instruction: The course will be held in English unless all participants speak and understand Danish

Duration: 1 day

Course dates in 2018

  • March 2
  • May 18
  • September 7
  • November 16


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