Data-based decisions

Making decisions based on data is essential in any industry, and being able to analyse and present data in a correct manner is an important and valuable tool to possess. In this module, you will be introduced to important elements within applied statistics and probability, which will enable you to make data based decisions. The content of this course is essential and creates the foundation for understanding and utilising many of the practical applied statistical tools available. 

Target group

This course is relevant if you want to participate in an applied statistics course or a Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt education, but do not have the necessary statistical foundation.

It is a prerequisite for participating in applied statistics courses, unless you are very familiar with the content of this course and can demonstrate previous experience.

Your benefits

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Calculate sampling confidence intervals to ensure sufficient sample sizes
  • Understand probability and probability distribution
  • Identify outliers and divergent data point, which can lead to wrong analysis and conclusions
  • Understand and analyse variance within processes


Probability and probability distribution

  • Probability
  • Probability distribution
  • Binomial distribution
  • Poisson distribution
  • Normal distribution
  • Normality test
  • T-distribution
  • F-distribution
  • Chi-square distribution

Outlier test

Statistical intervals

  • Sampling confidence interval (Mean, Standard deviation, Error rate)
  • Tolerance intervals
  • Prediction intervals

Sample size

  • Mean
  • Standard deviation
  • Error rate


The preferred software for this course is JMP from SAS and the instructors will demonstrate all of the exercises in JMP. You are also welcome to use Minitab for the exercises where it is possible and will still be able to receive assistance from our instructors.

However, even if you are currently not a JMP user, we recommend you to install JMP on your computer before participating in the advanced courses, since some of the exercises will only be possible to perform with JMP.

Advanced courses

When you have completed this module, will be able to participate in a number of statistical courses with focus on applied statistical tools you can use on your own in the real world. The next level of statistical modules, which are also a part of our Six Sigma Green and Black Belt educations, are the following:

If you want to devote more focus on the development of performance and processes, you can get inspiration from methodical courses such as Process and Risk Management or Analyse and Design Processes offered by Storm Management.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to continue your education as a Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt and become more competent and able to optimise, lead and develop processes.


Venue: NNE's headquarters, Bredevej 2, 2830, Virum, Denmark

Price: DKK 4,000 + VAT (includes course materials, refreshments and lunch)

Language of instruction: The course will be held in English unless all participants speak and understand Danish

Duration: 1 day

Course dates in 2018

  • February 27
  • May 15
  • September 4
  • November 13


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