Six Sigma - Applied statistics

Want to take Six Sigma theory to a practical level? We offer master class courses that focus on applying knowledge in real life. You benefit from a unique opportunity to learn from instructors that applies these statistical tools every day to many clients. 

The courses require no previous Six Sigma experience, however a basic understanding of statistics is a prerequisite when participating in databased decision, the production, or the development track. This understanding can be obtained by participating in our introductory courses. 

The courses offered at NNE are constantly being shaped after the challenges our clients face. This ensures that the knowledge gained in our courses can directly be implemented in your daily work. Three different tracks are available depending on your line of work. The different tracks are

  1. A Development track
  2. A Production track
  3. A Design track

The tracks consist of different levels of understanding going from Textbook knowledge, to operational knowledge, and finally to expert knowledge. Participating in a course on textbook level will learn you how to handle ideal data sets, where a course on operational level will learn you to handle real-life data. At clients, we see real-life data being handled as if they are ideal, leading to false conclusions. In our courses, we give examples of statistical textbook pitfalls, and how to handle them. By participating in a Statistical Process Control (SPC) course or in a Design of Experiment (DoE) course on operational level, we guarantee that you will gain a unified approach that will fit any data!

To learn about some of the statistical textbook pitfalls, individual tracks, or the different courses use the links below

NNE have entered a collaborative partnership with Storm – House of Six Sigma, to offer the possibility of achieving a Six Sigma Belt certification. To learn more about Six Sigma Belt certifications use the links below.