Six Sigma - Applied statistics

Want to take Six Sigma theory to a practical level? We offer master class courses that focus on applying knowledge in real life. You benefit from a unique opportunity to learn from instructors who apply these statistical tools every day to many customers. 

Why choose NNE as your course provider?

Working as consultants we see many companies that implement applied statistic tools in their
daily work. However, many do not get the full value out of it due to the many pitfalls there are in
using these tools. These pitfalls are NOT mentioned in most text books and training materials.

NNE's Six Sigma courses teach you how to avoid these pitfalls by applying simple,
unified approaches. Our courses are designed to give you a unified approach that can be applied to
any process or 
data type. Our module-based course program is built in a way that allows you take
exactly what you need when you need it. To learn more about the specific courses use the links below.