Sustainable cooling in pharma manufacturing     Is it possible?

Are you struggling to find refrigerants suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturing?

HFCs in refrigerants are slowly being phased out due to regulatory requirements and sustainability concerns. Indeed, the Danish government recently released an update of the Danish regulations. So, what will this mean for the pharma industry?

Finding refrigerants that are suitable for pharma manufacturing but don’t contribute to global warming is a challenge. No single non-combustible refrigerant can replace the HFCs used for various applications today. Some facilities rely on reclaimed refrigerants, but they won’t be available forever. So how can we move towards more environmentally conscious operations? What compromises need to be made?

Join NNE’s event on sustainable cooling and learn about regulatory requirements, get a glimpse into future cooling possibilities, see some of the best available solutions and exchange experiences.


  • The new regulation and availability of cooling agents / Asbjørn Vonsild, Vonsild Consulting
  • Cooling in the future / Svenn Hansen, Videncenter for Klimavenlige Kølemidler (Knowledge Centre for Climate Friendly Refrigerants)
  • Future solutions, pro and cons – a manufacturer's view point / Morten Deding, Johnsson Controls
  • Cooling and 24/7 operation, sustainability in a broader perspective / Michael Esmann, Coromatic

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Wednesday 26 August 2020, 13.30-16.30


NNE, Bredevej 2, 2830 Virum

We hope to see you for an inspiring afternoon.

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