2019 PDA Annual Meeting

The 2019 PDA Annual Meeting is the premier venue for learning, benchmarking and exploring the latest thinking with respect to innovation and continuous improvement in bio/pharmaceuticals. Join industry professionals in investigating unique challenges, analysing current capabilities and envisioning the possibilities of bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing!

Meet NNE at booth no. 515!

NNE's biomanufacturing expert, Morten Munk, is also attending the conference and will be moderating one of the many interesting tracks of the conference:

Bridging current technology with the future of medicine
Wednesday 13 March 8:30 – 10:00  
The pharma industry is moving beyond the traditional “one drug, one protein, one disease” paradigm to pipelines with multiple sophisticated new drug modalities, covering a wide array pharmaceutical product ranging from simple proteins to cell-based therapy. This transition will for require deployment of a range of new technologies, but the future manufacturing challenges can also benefit from an increased use of tools, that are currently established or in the process of being developed. To a large extent those tools are based on a better utilization of available data to develop an increased amount of product and process knowledge, as both data and established knowledge often are not explored sufficiently, as it is not structured and accessible enough. 

The two presentations in this session, will discuss how an improved Control Strategy can be deployed by using tools from the Pharma 4.0 world, which include increased use of statistical methods, data analysis, real time monitoring and not at least Artificial Intelligence to help exploring, interpreting and presenting all the obtainable data.

Join the Tech Talks at booth 722

Select exhibitors will provide brief presentations on hot technical topics during the lunch hours on Monday and Tuesday. Be sure to look for the detailed schedule and stop by booth #722 to hear about the latest innovations in the industry. From NNE, Morten Mubnk and John Quirke will give a Tech Talk on GMP data infrastructure for life sciences.