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We have changed our name. But not our focus.

With effect from 1 February 2017, NNE Pharmaplan changed the company name to NNE.

The name “NNE Pharmaplan” was established in March 2007, following NNE’s acquisition of Pharmaplan to embrace both companies and to maintain a strong brand, especially in the markets where NNE did not have a strong presence at that time.

Today, almost a decade later, these considerations are an important part of our history, but in order to make our name more simple, easy to remember and conversational, we are now changing it to NNE.

The name change will affect all email addresses ( and our website address will be The new name will not impact contractual relationships since the legal entities in the NNE group will remain unchanged.

Our aim is still to deliver focused pharma engineering and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with you - helping you solve your complex challenges in the pharma industry.