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Six Sigma courses

Want to take Six Sigma theory to a practical level? We offer master class courses that focus on applying the principles in real life. Benefit from a unique opportunity to learn from instructors with several years of project experience.

The courses require no previous Six Sigma experience, however a solid understanding of statistics can be an advantage. The content qualifies for obtaining Green Belt certification. Black Belt project managers may benefit from the hands-on application of the principles and can benefit from the course content to brush up or improve their skills.

You can more about each of the courses below. You can also combine courses into packages and combine packages at a discounted rate. Read more about our package and discount options.

Download the 2017 course calendar (PDF)

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Partnership with Storm Management

NNE and Storm have joined forces to provide the best educational courses within the area of Six Sigma.

Storm also provides a wide range of courses related to organisation and leadership. You can see an overview of all the courses below and click to read more about each on Storm's website.



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