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Bring your technical knowledge to life

Every day, NNE’s employees bring their technical knowledge to life, by solving complex engineering challenges for our customers in the pharma industry. And we are looking for more talented engineers to join us.

Watch the videos to get our employees’ perspectives on what makes NNE a unique and great place to work.

Meet our employees

Joana Lima Ramos
Process Engineer

It is the opportunity to learn from the best in business and the variation in work that comes with working in the GMP-regulated pharma industry, that makes Joana Lima Ramos, Process Engineer, wake up in the morning and go to work.

Martin Kockx
Automation Engineer

Martin Kockx, Automation Engineer, highlights the varied work and the opportunities for personal and professional development as some of his favorite things working at NNE. Watch the video to find out what else he loves about his job.


Michael Niemann
Senior Engineer

Michael Niemann, Senior Engineer, values the global network of experts that will guarantee you guidance on any customer question, you cannot answer yourself. Watch the video to learn more about the team spirit that is a fundamental part of the NNE culture. 

Yuan Cheng Gang 
Senior Project Engineer

Meet Yuan Cheng Gang, Senior Project Manager at NNE in China. He works with colleagues from around the world to solve the complex engineering challenges that comes from working in the extremely regulated world of pharma.


Rajesh Gupta
Director, Process Engineering

When you work with pharma engineering, every day brings a new challenge, new requirements and new expectations from customers. It is meeting these expectations – and having fun while doing it – that makes Rajesh Gupta, Director of our Bangalore office, proud to be working at NNE.        

Jeanette Brix Jespersen
Senior Quality Manager

Senior Quality Engineer, Jeanette Brix Jespersen, actually left NNE to try something new. But she missed her NNE family and came back after a year. Watch the film to learn why she had to come back.