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Devoted to life science, skilled in engineering

Remember the brainy kid you sat next to in school? Well she’s working for us now. And she’s made a living out of turning complex challenges into quality solutions.

As a member of our tribe of helpful and ambitious experts, you can look forward to a career of solving the insolvable. This means close cooperation with both colleagues and customers across professional, cultural and geographical borders.

Global employee survey

At NNE we measure our long term success against three dominant and balanced goals, one of which is our employees’ engagement with and loyalty to NNE. By 2017 we want to have 35% employee ambassadors. 

Over the last couple of years, employee satisfaction has continued to grow globally. In NNE’s latest employee survey the ambassador score was high at 34.6%, which is among the best scores we have experienced since we began the survey. That is quite an impressive increase coming from 32.5% in 2014 and considering that our target for 2015 is 33%. This shows that NNE follows a strategy where we can see ourselves develop personally and professionally and which truly sets us up to be best in class within pharma engineering.

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