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Jens Roy Simonsen
Engineering Manager

Jens Roy Simonsen is engineering manager by vocation and plays football (soccer) in his spare time. Watch the video to learn which characteristic he finds to be crucial in both his job and on the football field.


Kanch Sridhar
Automation Engineer

Kanch Sridhar, Automation Engineer, loves to hike and finds a lot of common denominators between hiking and working as an automation engineer, where every new project has its own challenges. Watch the video for a sneak peek of the job as an automation engineer.

Mette Marie Hess
Specialist, Architecture

Do you know what it takes to understand and meet the rules and requirements that are in play in the pharma industry? And to succeed with that fast-track project that NNE executes? According to Architect, Mette Marie Hess, it can be summed up in one word: Commitment.

Meet the backbone of NNE – our talented employees. These 2,000 ambitious people contribute to our growing company and industry. They are responsible for advanced development programmes to daily problem-solving. Get to know the work and accomplishments of the experts who make NNE the growing and qualified company that it is.