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The Essentials of our culture

The culture and identity of NNE are founded on a set of sound business principles that apply worldwide. Each of us contributes to building the company, by living the Six Essentials in our daily work life.

Demonstrate leadership  

Take the lead

Leadership may start at the top, but everyone has a responsibility to lead regardless of his or her position in the company. Leadership reflects a way of thinking and acting. It is the courage to push ahead and get things done. To solve problems and get everyone involved. To act as a role model and behave as you would have others behave.

Closer to the customer  

Our business is our customers' business

Our knowledge of this industry is unique and second to none. We were born and raised in the pharmaceutical industry – it is part of our DNA. It is vital for our future success that we understand and cherish this distinct quality. If you understand a customer’s business, you understand everything. Their success ensures our future success.

Be passionate  

Enjoy what you do

It may be work, but if you do not care whether you work in a bank, in a car factory or in a shop, you should not be working at NNE. This company has a higher calling than simply turning a profit.

Smarter execution  

Learn the difference between harder and smarter

Smarter execution is more than just profit optimisation. It means optimising our work, the hours we spend and our performance. It is a question of making everything lean and simple. To seek fast, innovative and reliable solutions designed to purpose. 

Be global  

Strength through diversity

What should set NNE apart from other global companies is our commitment to embrace our diversity. The whole idea of being a global company is based on a network that can deliver the best of all worlds to our customers.

Be result-oriented  

The challenge is not to set ambitious goals it is the ability to deliver on them

Almost anyone can set ambitious goals and targets, but ambition counts for little when you are not able to follow through with tangible results. There is a delicate balance between stretching goals and realistic planning. When all is said and done, the winner is the organisation that delivers that little bit more.