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Excel in the company of experts

Our success rests on our people. Direct involvement in projects with different customers, technologies, colleagues and contexts is your guarantee for a steep learning curve. Through the Performance Development Process (PDP) we link the overall strategy with everyday learning and empower our people to drive change.

Career path in NNE

In what direction do you seek to develop your competences? At NNE, you have the opportunity for pursuing different career paths.

Twice a year, manager and employee use the PDP to touch base, set targets and agree on an individual development plan. To turn knowledge into growth, we also offer a series of global employee development programmes to complement the PDP.

Global leadership programmes

Our range of leadership development programmes support managers at various organisational levels. Built on NNE’s leadership competences, our ambition with boosting leadership capabilities is to accelerate business performance, secure a customer-centric mindset and ensure engaged employees.

Talent programmes

NNE’s talent programmes are called Sprouthouse, Greenhouse and Hothouse. The programmes target everybody from younger employees to senior managers and help participants build and strengthen their global network as well as accelerate their professional growth.

Project manager competence upgrade

In order to execute smarter and deliver to promise, we constantly strive to improve our project managers’ competences and skills. This programme fits global as well as local training needs and builds you up to lead a project successfully.

Global Development programme

We want our pharma engineers to advance their knowledge and to become thought leaders within their field of expertise. With the global development programme PEAK - Pharma Engineering Advanced Know-how we offer our employees exciting and inspiring development opportunities.

Global exchange programme

Our global exchange programme provides the opportunity to temporarily work on a project in another country, strengthen the employee’s global network and develop strong technical and personal skills.

Community of Interest (COI)

The COIs have industry insight and are at the forefront of their profession. They exchange best practice, obtain answers to problems and are responsible for making our knowledge available to all. Servicing a customer, an NNE employee must be backed up by 2,000 people’s knowledge and expertise.

Introduction for new employees

Our global award winning onboarding programme NAVIGATE secures a smooth, inspiring and effective integration of all new employees. During the first three months of employment, new employees are sent on three missions where they are introduced to our market, our customers, our business processes and our company culture.

Variety of job roles

At NNE, we employ people with a variety of engineering backgrounds:

  • Architecture
  • Automation
  • Building
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Environmental
  • IT
  • Mechanical
  • Nature
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Process
  • Production
  • Quality

We also employ people within finance, IT, human resources, sales and marketing.