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Sanne Lindhardt

Director, Conceptual Design

What's your view on the industry?

"The pharmaceutical industry is changing and characterised by less predictability, shorter time horizons and frequent changes. Manufacturers need to have a robust basis for decisions when the first steps are taken in new project plans. A good front-end design is crucial to identify and assess major risks, make related mitigation plans, identify uncertainties and provide realisable solutions.”

Why do you work in this business?

"It is an honour to work in an industry that strives to improve the life of patients around the world and extremely motivating to be a part of a company that meets our customers’ challenges with profound professional experience and respect.

Working in front-end where we offer the very first counselling, inspiration and challenge to our customers is a privilege that calls for a holistic and analytical approach combined with a structured mind and an urge to add value. I enjoy the nature of my job and consider it a great responsibility to act as leader and developer of experts in this field."

Sanne Lindhardt is well known for her expertise within:


  • Leadership in creative knowledge businesses
  • Development and implementation of business strategies
  • Recruitment and development of experts working with client consultancy and process and project facilitation in early phases in pharma projects
  • Development and optimisation of organisations
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of working methods and systems
  • Facilitation of multi-disciplinary, global cooperation
  • Training and coaching


After qualifying as an architect (Cand. Arch/Architect MAA) in 1984 from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Sanne Lindhardt began her career as architect in architectural companies around the world, carrying out international, interdisciplinary work assignments in close cooperation with engineers.

In addition to her primary jobs, she worked as examiner at the Danish Architects Association management training program ’Management in Creative Knowledge Businesses’ and acted as teacher at the School of Architecture in Aarhus.

Since 1993, Sanne Lindhardt has worked in the pharma and in the building and design industry with business development, management, projects and human resources. From 1997 to 2008 Sanne Lindhardt headed up NNE’s Architects and HR Project Partners in NNE and from 2008 until 2013 she was responsible for leadership, management and project operations, HR and organisational development as Vice President at the Danish Architecture Center, respectively Head of Office at ADEPT and client consultant at mtre.

Since January 2014, Sanne Lindhardt has worked as Director in NNE, heading up the Danish front-end department Conceptual Design. Together with her colleagues, working with front-end services in NNE, she strives to provide the optimal basis for decisions to NNE’s customers.

T: +45 3075 2283

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