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Pharma companies are facing an overwhelming challenge to optimise operations in line with the ever-changing business. More and more frequently, they need to make decisions regarding manufacturing changes, development facility footprint and address shifting regulatory and technical requirements.

Changes occur at an increasing pace in pharma today. Consequently, manufacturers need to set new directions for their operations on an ongoing basis in order to maintain optimal production set-up and accommodate increasing quality demands and regulatory requirements. They continually have to reassess and ensure optimised operations across core, support and development activities – all while delivering the right quality. That also calls for efficient problem-solving and implementation of effective corrective and preventive actions founded on data-based decisions.

Supporting full-circle optimisation

At NNE, we apply a deep understanding of the operational and implementation context of a pharma company. Combined with clear understanding of regulatory, quality, technology and organisational implementation constraints and opportunities, we can help you reach and maintain an optimal production and service delivery.

Cost-effective production that balances stability with flexibility is necessary to survive in the highly competitive pharma industry. Operational excellence is a key driver and we increase the efficiency and quality of ongoing operation through ramp-up, optimisation and problem solving.

NNE helps customers manage challenges across manufacturing facilities, pilot plants and laboratories with optimisation support, e.g.:

  • Ramp-up and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) optimisation
  • Pharma organisational change management
  • Compliance gap analysis and assessment
  • Structuring of problem solving
  • De-bottlenecking
  • Continuous improvement and waste elimination – Lean
  • Improving quality and reducing defects – Six Sigma