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The increasing need for agility, flexibility and high operating efficiency in pharma calls for flexible concepts and engineering solutions.

New products often present new requirements on e.g. high potency, regulatory compliance and increasing complexity of target markets. Contamination and containment remains a key concern for pharma manufacturers, including securing compliance with GMP and containment at the same time.

The market shift also leads to a growing need for multipurpose and multi-flexible R&D facilities that can ensure agility and support a product pipeline in constant change. Some of the new pharmaceutical product types are not only developed in laboratories but even manufactured in laboratory-scale facilities (e.g. cell and gene therapies, immunotherapies). Operational reliability and capacity in QC laboratories is also crucial to meet time to market requirements.

Additionally, quality and compliance remains a key challenge for most pharma companies. This is driven by the FDA’s promotion of the risk-based approach as well as the overall trend towards more focus on sustainability. For the older facilities in particular, this presents a major challenge.

Building future-proof pharma facilities

Facility design creates the physical framework for our customers’ production. Our objective is to design the framework to support the processes. We design future-proof pharma facilities with a focus on compliance with GMP and containment, efficient and functional layout, logistics, optimal work environment, energy efficiency, etc. We provide our customers with access to knowledge necessary to select and implement new technology.

Facility design is one of our key services and we have a strong market position due to our many years of experience and our dedicated focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Our engineering is based on creating holistic production facilities, which is why all disciplines in NNE work closely together.

With all engineering services in-house, we can provide customers with robust facility solutions, such as:

  • Integrated concepts and design of facilities
  • Facility design with focus on fast implementation, high flexibility, regulatory compliance and cost
  • Concepts and design of laboratory facilities with focus on lean operations
  • Facility design with special focus on hot topics such as e.g. sustainable solutions, flexible cleanroom solutions, optimisation of flows and logistics, HVAC and containment
  • Seamless (integrated) quality and GMP compliance

Special services