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Automation and IT

Automation and IT are integral parts of modern pharma production. With increasing supply chain complexity and decreasing certainty of production demand, it is becoming even more crucial but also more difficult to build and maintain effective automation and IT systems.

Automation and manufacturing information systems continue to be a critical link between business strategy and the ability to execute.

Today, many companies have facilities and production sites in several countries and operate with a production set-up combining own production, offshoring and outsourcing. This calls for global compliance, integration and optimisation of all automation and IT systems.

At the same time, increased uncertainty in demand presents a huge business potential in optimising processes to increase yields and flexibility to launch new or switch products faster.

The challenge is to balance the need for flexibility with cost effective and productive operations. Manufacturers must avoid rigid one-size-fits-all technology investments that are difficult to keep current with the evolving business objectives.

Our offerings

At NNE we help customers design, implement and optimise agile and flexible systems for control of equipment, processes and management of information in manufacturing operation facilities, and related support functions like laboratories or warehouses.

Unlike other engineering companies, NNE offers strong in-house competencies in this area. Our consultants have extensive domain experience with significant contributions to a wide range of industry standards and associations. We offer services within five key areas: