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Project execution – high quality on time and budget

NNE was born and raised with the process and production understanding of a pharma-biotech company. Our global coverage coupled with our vast project experience has provided us with the competences and know-how to execute matters such as technology transfers and process qualification with great success.

“Our customers expect the right project executed in a predictable way. This is why we strive to execute projects in a controlled and transparent manner where all stakeholders – both the customer and members of the project team – are aligned and agree on the development of the project. This ensures that the end result meets the expectations of our customers.”
Jack Sperrild, Vice President, Project Execution

When we execute projects, we do so based on a number of tools which aim to ensure that our customers always receive the highest level of quality. The tools have been built to counteract some of the typical concerns voiced by customers, such as:

  • Poor alignment of scope between customer and vendor
  • Unclear communication between customer and vendor
  • Insufficient risk assessment
  • Insufficient quality control activities
  • Lack of knowledge-sharing within and between project teams
  • Poor handling of scope creep or scope changes

For instance, we work with visual tools to continuously communicate the organisation, goals, risks and plans, making sure that everyone is aligned from the beginning and throughout the project.

Globally aligned tools based on best practices

NNE manages well over 3000 projects every year, from small DKK 50,000 upgrades to DKK 2 billion greenfield projects. We have a number of tools in place which aim to ensure consistency in the way we handle our projects and interact with our customer relations:

  • A common, global model (Our Model) to ensure good engineering practice
  • A global quality system (QMS) to make sure all projects are managed effectively
  • Our Wiki (an internal encyclopedia, communities of interests and various networks and boards) to increase knowledge sharing within our company.

“Delivering projects on time, on budget and with the right quality is a demand from our industry and by our customers. When we use, reuse and further develop proven processes and procedures consistently across our global organisation, we strengthen our ability of delivering to promise, which is a prerequisite for building trust-based relationships. When we execute projects in a lean and uniform way we save time and money – and so do our customers.”
Ole Regnar Hansen, Corporate Vice President and Chief Project Officer

We speak your language

On a global scale, we have 2,000 professionals with project experience and knowledge within pharma and biotech. More than 200 of our employees come from the customer side and boast hands-on development or production experience – more than any other consulting and engineering firm serving the industry.

This means that your project – no matter the size – will always benefit from a worldwide network of experts and shared best practices, making sure your job gets done on time and within budget.