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Assembly and pack

The modern pharmaceutical packaging world prompts challenges that influence manufacturing cost significantly. Current and future industry demands call for agile assembly and packaging processes.

With the future demand for compliance, quality and tracking of products, the complexity of pharma packaging is increasing. Furthermore, the trends of serialisation, late stage customisation and patient centricity indicate an increase of stock keeping units, which again will impact efficiency.

Consequently, the assembly and packaging disciplines, technique as well as the organisation have to adapt in order to ensure a competitive unit cost. Consequently, the ability to scale and design these processes and operations gives you a competitive edge in the pharma industry.

Flexibility versus dedication and changeover versus run time will be crucial design elements together with the development of packaging concepts. Choosing the right presentation and product design that match standard platforms and solutions for optimal order execution for all markets will be key to succeed in the industry. Product segmentation from low volume/high price to high volume/low price added with reliability of supply are challenges to balance in order to fulfil current and future business targets of the pharma business.

Ensuring future-proof assembly and packaging

NNE helps customers design, implement and optimise agile assembly and packaging processes aligned with interphases to other disciplines like architectural design, warehouses and primary production. We possess strong in-house, world-class competencies in this area. Our consultants have global experience with main pharmaceutical companies and extensive knowledge about current and future industry demands.Our services include activities related to:

  • Conceptual, basic, detailed design, commissioning and project execution
  • Hyper care support
  • Manufacturing strategies
  • Product and process design
  • Process and product lifecycle management
  • Late stage customisation
  • Serialisation strategies, solutions and design
  • Balanced CAPEX/OPEX business cases
  • Optimisations and upgrades
  • Future-proofed solutions
  • Process equipment solution providers evaluation
  • Business cases and return of invest evaluation
  • Impact analyses

Special services